Looking back on my expierence at the California Roots Festival.

It has now been a couple months since the California Roots Festival and I have had some time to look over my pictures and go over the weekend in my head. This was one of the largest festivals that I have been able to cover as a photographer and one of best run festivals I have attended. I found that everyone that I came into contact with that had anything to do with the festival had a smile on their face and just wanted to make sure I was having a great experience. As I was walking back and forth across the festival grounds I saw band members wandering around the festival interacting with fans as they went to check out acts that they wanted to see, taking the time to give a hug or take a picture with anyone who asked. Maybe it was me and I had festival blinders on but I don’t remember seeing anyone that was having a bad time, I saw people enjoying their time talking to the security guards as they waited for their favorite band to come on, I saw parents and children enjoying their time together, I saw people dancing everywhere. No matter what your motivation was for being at the festival, no matter if you were there to party or just chill, everyone was having a great time together. I have said this many times before and I am sure I will say it again but the California Roots Festival is a festival that everyone should experience at least once even though after one you will most likely hooked and be back for years to come. I hope my picture below will give you a sense of what the Cali Roots Festival is all about and help you either remember fond memories or encourage you to attend next year.

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